I am a sociology consultant to businesses, organisations and the media.

Examples of my consultancy activities include:

  • media appearances in relation to launches of marketing campaigns, reports or surveys
  • providing research evidence and advice to lawyers
  • providing research training in qualitative methods and research ethics
  • reviewing book proposals for publishers and grant applications for research funding organisations.


I acted as a consultant to a marketing agency about baby names on behalf of their end client (a branded clothing company).


I provided consultancy to a marketing agency on behalf of their end client, in the context of speculation about what the Duke & Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry & Meghan) would name their first child.


I worked with Leicester Ageing Together in the development of a community researcher programme to evaluate issues that matter to older people. I provided training sessions on social research, qualitative methods and research ethics.

Also in 2017, I was asked by a major pharmaceutical company to deliver a briefing on women ‘baby boomers’.


I was asked to help identify children of achievement from the past who could be included in the game History Heroes.


In April 2014, I was invited by the Campaign for Social Science to join a group of experts who worked to produce a report making the case for social sciences in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.


I was asked by the Department for Education to submit my journal articles on children’s consumption of clothing to the Bailey Review of the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood.


In 2010, I was appointed as the academic sociology consultant to Genergraphics Inc., a US marketing company specialising in generational market research, in the publication of their book, Genergraphics.