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Jane Pilcher’s publications include books and articles on socially important subjects such as childhood, relationships between generations, and gender, especially the experiences of women and girls within contemporary British society.

Jane is an associate member of the editorial board for the journal Sociology, and for the online journal,  Sociological Research Online.

In August 2016, Jane’s article on naming practices ‘Names, Bodies and Identities‘ was published in the 5oth Anniversary Volume of the leading journal, Sociology.

The second edition of Jane’s Key Concepts in Gender Studies (co-authored with Imelda Whelehan) was published by SAGE in 2017.


Jane Pilcher has undertaken a range of social research projects, including a study of women in multi-generational families, an evaluation of a careers initiative aimed at schoolgirls, and an examination of children’s consumption of clothing and fashion.  More recently, Dr Pilcher has researched family surname choices in the context of changes in personal relationships. Go to the podcasts page of this website to watch and listen to Jane talking about her research.


Jane Pilcher is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Leicester, where her teaching currently includes core modules in introductory sociology and sociological theory, and optional modules in the sociology of aging and the life course. Jane Pilcher also supervises undergraduate research dissertations. At postgraduate level, Jane Pilcher supervises masters and doctoral students.

public engagement

Jane’s public engagement activities are varied and include acting as a consultant to publishers, and to organisations such as the Economic and Social Research Council and the Labour Party. Jane also advises print and broadcast media journalists, and has appeared on BBC Radio Four’s Women’s Hour, Thinking Allowed and other shows.

In 2012-13, Dr Pilcher initiated the public engagement project Social Worlds in 100 Objects  based at the University of Leicester’s College of Social Sciences. You can listen to a podcast of Jane talking about the project here.

In 2014, Jane was invited by the Campaign for Social Science to join a group of experts who worked to produce a report (The Business of People) making the case for social sciences in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.

Jane is currently working with Leicester Ageing Together to develop a team of community or peer researchers who will evaluate projects aimed at helping older people enjoy life.

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